We offer vast experience in airport operation and maintenance for airports of all sizes, from the largest international, to the smallest domestic airports. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following;

Passenger Terminal Operations
Airport Terminal Maintenance
Runway and Taxiway Operation
Civil Engineering
Air traffic control Operation
Technical Installations
Airport Planning
Airport Data Management


Aircraft Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO)

We are experienced and proficient in cost-effective and efficient MRO. Our teams are continuously improving safety and technical proficiency. We conduct aircraft engine and component inspection, non-destructive testing, overhauls, repairs, replacements, line maintenance, and operational support.

Flight Operations and Load Control

U.S. Express, Inc. provides airline professionals with communications, flight dispatch, weight and balance, flight planning, weather services, and diplomatic clearance.

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Maintenance and Fueling

With vast experience in maintaining ground equipment supported by fully equipped shops and reliable, experienced mechanics, U.S. Express, Inc. provides GSE maintenance, GSE fueling, and GSE rental services to airlines and other customers in numerous locations.

Passenger Services

U.S. Express, Inc. provides professional, multilingual staff to ensure high-quality service to domestic and international passengers. We perform a full range of passenger services including skycap, ticketing, check-in, boarding, and special assistance.

Ramp Services

U.S. Express, Inc. provides efficient station management and professional ramp personnel to meet our customers' needs. Our ramp-side services include:

Loading and unloading of baggage
Baggage handling and transfers
Aircraft marshalling
Aircraft pushback and towing
Aircraft parking
Aircraft weight and balance
Ramp transfer to and from aircraft
Load supervision
Fuel services
Cabin cleaning
Crew transportation

Baggage Conveyance Services

U.S. Express, Inc. manages and maintains a baggage conveyor system. Our professional team utilizes a continuous maintenance program that minimizes operating costs and equipment downtime.

Jetway Maintenance

U.S. Express, Inc. offers comprehensive Jetway equipment maintenance and support involving all aspects of scheduled preventive and emergency maintenance activities.

U.S. Express, Inc. staff includes skilled electrical, mechanical, welding, supervisory, administrative, and management personnel. Our program is designed to meet or exceed manufacturer's recommended maintenance criteria. Equipment integrity is assured through technical staffing twenty-four hours/seven days a week. U.S. Express, Inc. employees are trained to support all aspects of Jetway operation and maintenance.

PTF conversion

U.S. Express, Inc. provides full service for conversion of standard cabin to luxury cabin, and passenger aircraft to cargo aircraft twenty-four hours/seven days a week.

Aircraft Painting

We offer full exterior paint, strip, sand down and logo repaint for all aircrafts.

Risk Assessment Program

U.S. Express, Inc. knows that the best way to prevent accidents, incidents, and workers comp injuries, is to anticipate difficulties and put control measures in place to prevent problems from occurring. We do this with our systematic Risk Assessment Program.

Passenger and Cargo Aircraft Management

U.S. Express, Inc. provides full operational aircraft services for governments, companies, NGO's, and individuals. We have experience managing all types of aircraft domestically and internationally. Our knowledgeable service technicians have the expertise and experience to keep your aircraft running at peak performance with minimal downtime.

U.S. Express, Inc. aircraft management programs include all aspects of flight handling, scheduling, dispatch, and other arrangements to meet your travel and cargo needs.



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