The U.N. Express® department helps the international community to ship and handle all the humanitarian needs for the affected population areas around the world, whether for governments, NGOs or individuals. Humanitarian relief is always an urgent need; therefore U.S. Express, Inc. founded U.N. Express® to help the international community to deliver necessary humanitarian needs such as water, food, medicine, shelter, and clothing for the citizens affected by war or natural disasters at the lowest cost and without profit.

The humanitarian needs are not only when there is a war or natural disaster. There are families and lonely homeless children with urgent needs for life saving aid, improving their standard of living in addition to the children’s right for an education.

In response to the humanitarian obligation toward these children and families, U.N. Express® branches will help individuals who are willing to send humanitarian aid and educational materials for those in need around the world. U.N. Express® provides through its programs free shipping and handling to families and children around the world.

In order to donate humanitarian aid, please contact the U.N. Express® department at un@usline.co We will provide additional information and explanation of qualifying items and we will arrange to ship any humanitarian aid to any affected regions around the world.





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