Aircraft Charter

U.S. Express is a full service aviation company that provides air charter, sales and purchasing of all types of aircraft for governments, large and medium-sized corporations, small businesses and individuals.

U.S. Express provides aircraft charters domestically and internationally through our worldwide network of pilots, technicians, planes and helicopters.

Our expert team has a wealth of experience in the private aviation industry, and with their knowledge and resources, can provide whatever you need on your schedule. With U.S. Express private air charter services, you choose the flight time, the type of aircraft, the departure airport, and the arrival airport. U.S. Express will completely customize the flight to fit your specific needs.

Cruise Charter

U.S. Express Cruise Line provides an innovative venue customized to your needs.  We will help you create your own event at sea with either a full or partial ship charter.

•  U.S. Express Cruise Line expert customer consultants work with you to ensure the success of your event.
•  We can incorporate your company’s brand into almost every aspect of the ship.
•  We will coordinate meetings and other schedules for your group.
•  You can choose your destinations and itinerary.
•  Our vessels come in a broad range of styles and appointments to meet your needs.

Charter Request

If you are interested in chartering or purchasing passenger aircraft, cargo aircraft or cruise ships please complete the form below.

If you represent a government please contact the department of the government relations, Washington, D.C at +1(202) 618-0299 or




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