U.S. Express Provides Global Solutions in Temperature Controlled Shipments Refrigerated Cargoes. U.S. Express ships extremely specialized commodities, such as produce. We have extensive expertise in the proper handling of these shipments and are confident that your ultimate satisfaction will be realized. Our refrigerated food transport service offers the most competitive rates in the U.S. and Canada. Our reefer trailers are 48'-53' in length, 40’ and 20’ containers are available to haul LTL freight as well.

When you need to ship refrigerated, frozen, or temperature-sensitive items, we can help arrange safe, freight refrigerated transport for you. A refrigerated ocean container, refrigerated air container or refrigerated truck would be the right choice when moving perishable liquids, produce, dairy, meats, vegetables, plants, and other temperature-sensitive products. We know the delicate nature of moving these sensitive items and have an outstanding, large reefer freight shipping division that consists of the top reputable freight carriers specializing in moving refrigerated loads.

U.S. Express engineers are equipped to handle the most temperature sensitive storage and cold chain shipping obstacles. Our engineers have the ability to tackle your complete thermal packaging solutions, from the initial design process and test validation to the monitoring of your product's temperatures during the shipping or the transit.






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