U.S. Express offers full-service, international shipping with none of the hassles. We will ship from any country to any country. We offer a full-array of services, including; Port Port, Port Door, Door Port, Door Door, Live Loads, Drop and Pick.

We handle all your ocean shipping needs. We provide a wide array of shipping options ranging from standard 20 foot and 40 foot and 45 foot high-cubed containers, as well as refrigerated containers. We arrange for all containers to be dropped at your location or you can pick them up at the port. We pick up your items, load them into a container, and truck it to the port. We provide all inland transport as well as handling all customs clearance and paperwork. At U.S. Express we manage your deliveries/shipping/inventory so you can manage your business.

Time Sensitive and Specialized Shipping (TSS)

U.S. Express understands the importance of time critical ground shipments and will ensure on-time delivery. We understand the need for air ride equipment to be picked up when it’s most convenient for you and to arrive when you need it there. We provide a wide array of air ride trailers and flatbeds as well as lowboy trailers.

Shipping Your Household Goods (HHG) & Personal Effects (PE) Overseas

U.S. Express handles all your packing, wrapping and loading, or we will assist you in doing it yourself. Once the volume of your shipment is determined, we'll tell you what size container you need. If you don't have enough volume for a full container, we can quote you on a less-than-container-load (LCL) basis. If you have enough cargo to fill your own container, we will place the container at your home or office. If desired, our experienced packers will come on an appointed day to pack, wrap and load your HHG & PE for export. If you also have autos to ship we will load your autos first, and then build barriers to protect the vehicles while allowing you to fill the rest of the container with other goods.

You can minimize the cost of shipping your household and personal effects considerably, by doing as much of the packing, wrapping and loading of your own container as possible. In this case, we will simply place the appropriate container at your home or office. However, autos need to be loaded at our facilities by experienced professionals since the container doors are almost five feet off the ground. We can either load your auto(s) before we bring your container or after you have loaded your goods. Our packing professionals can advise you on your best option.

Contact U.S. Express customer care at cc@usline.co and our consultants will help you identify the services that best suit your shipping needs.







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