Marine Services

Port Construction and Maintenance Services

U.S. Express provides marine engineering and construction services infrastructure development and repair as well as emergency response.  We construct wharves and other structures, provide gantry cranes and transport supplies used in marine construction. After disasters, U.S. Express removes obstacles that leave a harbor impassable and reconstruct ports.

Marine Engineering Support

We provide the following marine engineering services;

•  Hydrographic Surveying
•  Side Scan Sonar
•  Sub Bottom Profiling
•  Vibra Core Sampling
•  Various Geotechnical Services
•  Underwater Video
•  Dredge Positioning System Installation and Integration
•  Salvage and Recovery Operations
•  Dredge Consulting
•  Safely assisting all types’ ships in and out of their berths, including small freighters, container ships, aircraft carriers and Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCCs) 
•  Escorting oil tankers quickly and safely through shipping channels and environmentally sensitive waters
•  Towing ships and other types of vessels
•  Fighting vessel fires
•  Responding to fuel spills
•  Working effectively in extreme climates and sea conditions

Vessel Engineering, Maintenance and Repair

Our engineering, maintenance and repair support covers all critical ship systems: propulsion, electrical, fluids/piping, auxiliary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), deck machinery, underway replenishment (UNREP) and machinery automation & control. U.S. Express provides quality workmanship by highly experienced personnel for machinery integration, test and trials, failure analysis, as well as modeling & simulation.  In addition, we provide Integrated Logistics Support for shipboard equipment, system/subsystems acquisition and life cycle management.

Typical applications

•  Cleaning of Ship Condensers
•  Cleaning of Heat Exchangers (plate and tubular)
•  Liquidation of Accident on Refrigerators, Coolers, Condensers
•  Fouling/Scaling removing
•  Drying of Freon space of Freezers/Condensers after accident
•  Corrosion protection
•  Chemical analyses of deposits and corrosion control
•  Auxiliary engine lubrication oil machine systems
•  Cargo Pumps 
•  Engine room fans and blowers
•  Engine room purifiers
•  Main engine lubrication oil machine systems
•  Main engine blowers
•  Refrigeration plants
•  Turbocharger
•  Annual maintenance
•  Inspection


•  Reduced machine maintenance costs
•  Improved equipment reliability and predictability
•  Maximum machine and vessel availability
•  Simplified and streamlined classification procedures
•  A safer on-board environment for your workforce
•  Reduced environmental impact through good machinery condition

Vessel Purchasing

U.S. Express provides vessel acquisition services for offshore vessels, cargo ships, naval vessels, passenger ships and tankers. Our experts will assist you with all phases of purchasing from start to finish. We will assist in defining your needs, identifying appropriate vessels available worldwide, negotiating the best price, completing the acquisition and moving the vessel to the location of your choosing.  

Underwater Maintenance

U.S. Express is a fully accredited provider of all types of underwater maintenance, repair and support services for commercial and naval ships and platforms worldwide.
We specialize in the following key services globally:

•  Underwater Maintenance
•  Underwater Repairs
•  Design and Consultancy
•  Hull cleaning and propeller polishing equipment supplies
•  Underwater painting
•  Protection systems of submerged structures
•  Underwater communications
•  Underwater cutting and welding
•  Maintenance in thermal plants, power plants

Marine Salvage and Emergency Response

We provide rapid response to every type of marine emergency anywhere in the world.  U.S. Express solves problems for ship owners, underwriters and government agencies. In addition to marine salvage and wreck removal services, U.S. Express excels at marine firefighting, vessel/ship lightering, underwater fuel removal, damage stability and other rapid marine emergency response services for the maritime industry.

Marine Safety

U.S. Express is dedicated to safety at sea and in port.  Our safety initiatives include:

•  Personal Life Saving Equipment
•  Muster List and Emergency Instructions
•  Life Boats and Rescue Boats
•  Survival Equipment
•  Abandoning Ship Procedures
•  Methods of Retrieval
•  Emergency Repair of Life Saving Appliances
•  Abandon Ship Training
•  Safety Equipment Inventory



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