U.S. Express Inc. will ship your item(s) regionally and anywhere in the world. We are a full service shipper. We provide door-to-door as well as drop-off and pick-up services. Our agents will pack your items or you can do it yourself. We offer optimized solutions and have the expertise to efficiently meet all your international shipping needs.


Full-Service Shipping

With full-service shipping, one call does it all. We will bring packing materials. You can pack your own items or we can do it for you. We will weigh and measure your shipment and provide a label. Call U.S. Express, Inc. at our toll-free number 1-877-554-9910 and our agent will schedule an appointment and come to your location, pick up your shipment and send it on its way.


Print a Label
Use our label form to create a label for your package. Once you complete the form, we will email you a label that you can print and attach to your package.


Order a Shipment

Request shipment of your package by providing details using our EZ Quote form. Once you provide the dimensions and weight, origin and destination, and detailed description of your shipment, we will provide a price. You can pre-pay for your shipment, regardless of the services you are requesting.


Order a Pick-Up

Contact your local U.S. Express, Inc. agent to schedule a pick up. Our agent will accept payment when the package is picked up or you can pre-pay for your shipment online.


Package Drop-Off

You can save money by bringing your shipment to a U.S. Express, Inc. agent. Our agents sell packing materials if needed. You can pay the agent when dropping off the package or you can pre-pay online.


Online Payment

U.S. Express, Inc. accepts all major forms of payment. Once you have accepted a quote, you will be able to make your payment online using our secure webpage. To make a payment, click here, Online Payment.


International Shipping

U.S. Express, Inc. streamlines international shipping. Our direct electronic interface with customs departments and agencies worldwide enables us to expedite your shipment. We are continuously updating our system, keeping up with all regulatory changes, ensuring our customers prompt compliance with customs requirements. Our professionals will take care of all your customs clearance needs in the U.S. and worldwide and ensure rapid processing of your shipments.


Freight Services

U.S. Express, Inc. is a full-service freight transporter. We offer ground, air, ocean, and rail transport of all types of cargo, including vehicles, heavy equipment, industrial equipment, construction equipment, pharmaceuticals, produce, frozen foods, chemicals, and retail merchandise. Our EZ Ship service covers all sizes and weights.


Small Business Services
U.S. Express, Inc. has the expertise to help your small business compete. Our logistics experts will identify the most efficient means of moving your goods regionally and internationally within your budget. We offer innovative, full-service, door-to-door shipping of all your packages. We also offer our services a la carte; everything from providing packing materials to automated updates of shipment progress. Contact a U.S. Express, Inc. representative to discuss how we can help you optimize your shipment handling.









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